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Consent on Personal Data Protection for Customer Registration
  1. Scope and Purposes of Use of Personal Data Upon receiving your consent, we may use your Personal Data by collecting, storing, using or disclosing your Personal Data for the following purposes:
    • Providing the services in connection with car booking, ordering, customer care and aftersales services (e.g. roadside assistance, customer experience development, etc.);
    • Complying with relevant laws or government authorities’ order (e.g. police, court, anti-money laundering office, etc.);
    • Evidences for litigation process (if any);
    • Public relation, marketing, sales offer, sales promotion, sales or market analysis;
    • Partnership communication or co-promotion; and
    • Sales – Aftersales programs for the completion of warranty of your car(s) or parts and relevant services.
  2. Data Transfer According to the purposes in 1., we may transfer your Personal Information to a third-party via various channel (e.g. email, facsimile, website, etc.) in local and foreign countries, such as AUDI AG in Germany, suppliers or certain business partners in order to remain sales – aftersales programs in active.

    Please note that despite of our effort to protect your Personal Data, it is unable to ensure the safety of your Personal Data’s transfer and we shall not assume any liability incurred by the leakage/illegal use of your Personal Data
  3. Right of Personal Data’s Owners As the owner of the Personal Data, you are entitled to:
    • Accept, reject or revoke a consent on storage/collection/use/disclosure/transfer of your Personal Data;
    • Request for access or a copy of your Personal Data to be provided by the Company within 30 days from the receipt of your request;
    • Demand for restricting, suspending, deleting, destroying or rectifying your Personal Data or changing your Personal Data to unidentifiable;
    • File a complaint with a data protection authority and be reported once your Personal Data is violated along with remedy guidelines.

    The rights of Personal Data’s owners abovementioned shall not apply if the proposed Personal Data is required to be stored longer according to the obligations provided by the local laws.

    Rejection or revoke of the consent may affect:

    • the completion or void the warranty of your car(s) or parts;
    • opportunity to receive any updates on sales promotion campaigns in the future.
  4. Duration of Personal Data’s Storage We store your data as long as necessary for providing our services to you or as long as we have a legitimate interest to do so, in particular to eliminate disruptions.

    In certain circumstances, your data may also need to be retained for a longer period of time, such as when a legal hold or litigation hold (i.e., a prohibition of data deletion for the duration of the proceedings) is ordered in connection with an administrative or judicial proceeding.

    Note that we may delete your Personal Data once it is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected or for complying with relevant laws;

  5. Contact
    In case you wish to contact in connection with the Right of Personal Data’s Owners in Clause 4., please contact us at:
    Audi Thailand (Meister Technik Co., Ltd. & Auto Bliss Co., Ltd.)
    Head Office: 383 Praditmanutham Road, Wang Thonglang Sub-District, Wang Thonglang District, Bangkok 10310
    Tel. 02 765 8888 Email:
  6. Jurisdiction & Governing Laws By accepting this Consent on Personal Data Protection form, you hereby accept that any disputes arising from Personal Data Protection between you and us shall be settled by the court of Thailand and this Consent on Personal Data Protection shall be construed and governed by the laws Thailand.
“Consent” means a consent given to Us by You for allowing Us to use your Personal Information according to this Consent on Personal Data Protection Form.
“Person” means a natural person only.
“Personal Data” or “Personal Information” means all information that is identifiable to a person whether directly or indirectly, such as education, financial status, medical records, criminal records, work history or activity history that refers to the names, numbers, codes or other matters that identifies to a person (e.g. finger prints, recorders of voices or photos, etc.).
“Use of Personal Data” means use of Personal Data according to the scope stated in Clause 1.
“We”, “Us” or “Company” means the group of companies within Audi Thailand, including Meister Technik Co., Ltd. and Auto Bliss Co., Ltd.
“You”, “Your”, “Owner” or “User” means the person who accepted or rejected to give his/her/its/their information and clicking this Consent on Personal Data Protection form.
By submit this form, you have thoroughly read all terms and conditions and agree with this Consent on Personal Data Protection form.

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